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10 Best Popular Haircare Products For 2019

10 Best Popular Haircare Products For 2019

Haircare is a major industry responsible for generating a massive crowd that believes in necessary and effective hair care. The products sold depend on various aspects like hair damage, dandruff removal, dry scalp, anti frizz, weak hair growth etc. Shampoos and conditioners along with serums are the go-to treatment products endorsed by different brands. India in particular has a large heritage in hair care and nourishment. Shampoos, first originated in India and then spread worldwide. Created by ancient sages, it contained various nutrients and natural herbs that strengthened hair follicles and ensured thick, beautiful hair. Although now, these ancient  Ayurvedic methods have been replaced by latest keratin based technology, the core of all such products remain to be natural. Some popular hair care brands are Pantene, Tresemme, Dove, Himalayas etc.

The following are the top 10 popular Haircare products as of 2019 :

  1. Tresemme keratin smooth color shampoos conditioner

The hair becomes quite weak and lacking nutrients after a hair coloring job and therefore

it is very important to properly nourish and take care of it without using any damaging

products.  Tresemme’s above product comes in handy which not only nourishes the hair but

also helps in retaining the color for a longer duration.


  1. Sunsilk co-creations stunning black shine shampoo

If you’re looking for a shampoo that makes your hair shiny and glossy then this is the one. Sunsilk’s co creations stunning black shine shampoo is a must for every dark haired girl and boy.

  1. Dove nutritive therapy nourishing oil care shampoo

For all those of you out there who hate the process of oiling up before a good head wash, this product was made for you. Since hair follicles tend to get weaker on excessive shampoo usage, it is always necessary to oil your hair up before.

But dove’s nutritive therapy avoids just that by consisting of all the nourishing oils along with the shampooing vitamins. So go on, get yourself one.

  1. Garnier fructis full and plush shampoo and conditioner

The Garnier fructis full and plush shampoo comes with an active conditioning in it.

  1. Habib’s hair serum

Hair serums help in nourishing your hair and Habib’s hair serum is the go-to one for all.

  1. Pantene pro- V sheer volume foam conditioner

This Pantene conditioner helps in volumizing the hair with foam technology.

  1. Streax perfect shine hair serum

The Streax perfect shine hair serum is yet another advanced serum product for enriching the hair. It also leaves a glossy look.

  1. Kérastase Bain densité shampoo and conditioner

Yet another popular brand is Kérastase which has been developing hair care products since time immemorial. This new product is an all in all shampoo and conditioner, filled with vital nutrients for hair growth.


  1. Matrix biolage smoothing hair serum

If you’re searching for a more natural product then the matrix biolage smoothing hair serum brings it’s A game to obtain a smooth and glossy look with natural proteins by its side.

  1. Orlando pita play well behaved anti frizz cream serum

This serum is a blessing for all those people with unkempt frizzy hair. The anti frizz cream serum smoothens out all  fly-aways and frizzy baby hair.

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