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COVID-19: Quarantine Becomes Non-Existent In Several Cities

COVID-19: Quarantine Becomes Non-Existent in Several Cities

It may come as a surprise that when the attack of the coronavirus still dooms the world, some countries and states are offering the people with the luxury of not having to quarantine themselves. Many citizens consider this as a glaring flaw on the government’s side as the pandemic is still generating ominous results in many parts of the world. Travellers arriving in the UK, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland are not obliged to self-isolate for fourteen days.

Although the cases are on the rise, the situation is getting better everywhere as the lockdown impositions have been loosened over time. It is in Britain that this rule of having to quarantine oneself becomes revoked this week. All the passengers arriving from a list of 60+ countries are allowed to have their time without having to self-isolate. But this does not come with complete relaxation over the rules; it is only considered as a first step to lifting the restrictions gradually.

The Decision by Britain and Other Countries

Multiple cities are sticking to their regulations since the cases are on the rise in other parts of the world. Scotland is one such country that is continuing to follow the quarantine instructions for the passengers arriving from the worst affected countries. The First Minister of Scotland said this hard decision had to be made in order to prevent the resurgence of the virus. Everyone who fails to comply with the quarantine regulations will be charged with fines up to £ 1,000.


On the other hand, as mentioned earlier, the passengers arriving in England, Northern Ireland, and Wales from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, and some other countries no longer need to stay in quarantine. Serbia was also on the list until the latest assessment showed rising trends of risk. This rule has come into prevalence only on Friday morning; so, the people who arrived in the last two weeks are expected to complete their quarantine. Although international travel has been relaxed in the UK, the Foreign Office’s warning against cruising stands. As the countries are facing a hard time taking sensible decisions, the people are expected to follow every regulation.

Since these are for the safety of the citizens, the government has been warning everyone in the country about the situation at hand. Not all countries are safe to travel to at this point; the US and India are countries that are struggling to bring the number of cases under control. As per the warning of the WHO, Britain has only allowed the passengers arriving from the less affected countries to skip the quarantine period. But according to Scotland, the cases in Spain are higher than in their country, so they aren’t allowing people arriving from such countries to roam around in the streets without serving the quarantine period. Grassroots sport in England will start to return from July 10th, and the beauty salons will reopen on July 13th. Swimming pools, indoor gyms, and health clubs will open on July 25th.

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